“Mike Hildreth, the ‘Marriage Ranger’, is excellent in his counseling.  He is very professional and truly wants to help people in their relationships to become the best version of themselves that they can be.  He is humble and always approaches challenges in a well balanced and biblical manner. I would very highly recommend Mike for any and all of your counseling needs.”

Steven, from Texas

“Marriage Ranger helps us work out differences. Mike is an awesome counselor.  He is a Godly man full of wisdom and grace. I highly recommend Marriage Ranger.”

Rechil, from Texas

“Marriage Ranger Michael’s counseling sessions were considerably detailed, when digging into who you are as a person. His sessions are designed to guide you into finding out your true strengths and weaknesses of your character. The results of his counseling has helped me realize some hard truths about myself, but at the same time, has given me a great foundation on how to overcome my obstacles. Talking with Michael is easy due to the relaxing nature of his sessions. I highly recommend booking an appointment with him for guidance to inner peace.”

MP, from Texas

“Michael has – and continues to help me realize some of the finer details of my temperament, makes every interaction meaningful and genuine, and clearly defines what issues are to be focused on in my life. His eyes are on God. You are in good hands with his guidance.”

Will, in New Mexico

Michael is a wonderful person and has helped me realize things I haven’t thought before.”

Alex, from Texas

Counseling with Mike is actually fun, and something you can look forward to. He’s very gentle, kind, and easy to talk to, and you can tell he really cares about your mental and heart states. He helps bring self awareness, and real solutions for life improvements.

Nya, from Minnesota

The Texas Marriage Ranger is a really solid man of God. Understanding my temperament and my family’s temperaments has been a huge blessing. I think it would be beneficial for everybody to understand their’s as well.

J.O. in Colorado

The Marriage Ranger has been extremely helpful to our whole family. He has helped us with Biblical Non-Violent Communication and has also helped encourage our teenage sons work through some tough life issues. We love his emphasis on Scripture memorization, and being in the Word daily. We are thankful for all the help and encouragement he has given to us.”

David, from Texas


The Marriage Ranger has extremely blessed my life. Michael is a very good pastor, easy to access and talk to. My relationship and my thinking have gotten a new shape because of his counseling. I highly recommend him because he is a good teacher.

Evelyn, from Nigeria


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